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About us

Poppy & Danielle are eyebrow obsessed...

Brought together in late 2019 by a shared passion for all things brows, the two have been working together and dreaming big dreams ever since. 

The treatment that caused the girls to meet, Brow Lamination, is the very thing that led them to create Saint&Serenity. The evolution of Brow Lamination has been all consuming for the two, with the pair trialling products and techniques together and swapping notes on their experiences before, during and after treatment. They noticed that as lamination products and techniques improved, aftercare just did not catch up. Technicians were left to bottle castor oil, purchased in bulk online and give this to their clients – who’s own experiences with the product left a lot to be desired. 

Poppy & Danielle's mission is to e l e v a t e and add luxury to your everyday.

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