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The Perfecting Kit

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Hydrate, Condition and Soothe brows after treatment, The Perfecting Kit has everything you need to create beautiful flawless brows. 

Silk Drops is our multipurpose, skin soothing, shine enhancing wonder serum. Enriched with a multitude of oils to suit all hair and skin types, Silk Drops is a kit essential.

How to Use:

Silk Drops can be added to tints and dye to condition the hair from within whilst enhancing shine and longevity. It can also be used after waxing to remove excess wax and Second Skin residues. Silk Drops can be used within Brow Restore to enhance its conditioning powers, or when used after a Brow Restore mask, Silk Drops will add a beautiful shine to the brows and surrounding skin.

Brow Restore is our thick, creamy eyebrow mask. We created Brow Restore to act as deeply hydrating, conditioning treatment for use within Brow Lamination and Brow Lamination Maintenance treatments or as a simple and effective method of removing hybrid and skin staining dyes from the skin. The soft scent adds a touch of luxury to any brow appointment and truly elevates your services.

How to Use:

Brow Restore can be used in multiple ways depending on the outcome you desire. If you're looking to hydrate and condition, we recommend carrying out all treatment steps before applying a thick layer of Brow Restore to both brows using the Clarity Defining Brush. After 2 - 3 minutes you may remove the excess product before following up with Silk Drops for extra shine and to seal in that hydration.

Skin Blur has been designed to soothe and rehydrate skin whilst blurring away redness using the magic of colour correction, with no need for harsh concealers.

A unique water based, buildable formulation. Skin Blur is easy to apply and melts into the skin seamlessly. The universal green shade corrects redness in the skin and is suitable on all skin types. 

How to Use:

Take a small amount from the pot using the Blur Brush and apply to the eyebrow area after waxing, building up coverage as required. The Blur Brush can be used to pat and blend product into the skin for a soft finish or alternatively, you are able to use the edge of this brush to create crisp lines. If you prefer more definition, try our Clarity Defining Brush. 

The Perfecting Kit
The Perfecting Kit Sale price£68.99